Hillview footpath in appalling state in Portlaoise


Hillview footpath in appalling state in Portlaoise
By Ryan Dunne ryan@leinsterexpress.ie @laoisnews

The footpaths at Hillview Drive in Knockmay are in such a bad state it would take up to three years’ worth of discretionary funding from local councillors to fix them.

So claimed Cllr Caroline Dwane Stanley at County Hall recently.

She asked to be given an update on the council owned derelict site, regarding demolition and clearance of this site, in Hillview Drive, Knockmay, and for sections of broken footpaths to be replaced.

She was informed in a written reply from Ian McCormack, senior executive officer, housing, that the council has acquired and secured this property and are carrying out an asbestos survey and will be making arrangements for demolition in due course.

Welcoming the news that the site was now in council ownership, Cllr Dwane Stanley said she’d received complaints from residents who were “tormented”.

“One lady’s house was damaged when the site went on fire. The site is being used for all sorts,” she said, adding that children, who are naturally curious, will try to gain access to the site.

She said that after the fire the property was secured, but then the fence placed around it was stolen.

She went on to say that sections of the footpath in the estate are in such an appalling state there would not be enough in the councillors’ discretionary funding to fix them.

“No amount of discretionary funding would put it right, it would take two to three years’ discretionary funding, five or six sections are badly broken, they’re in bits,” she said.

Cllr Catherine Fitzgerald welcomed that the site had been taken in charge, but said it was an awful pity what had happened as the site was once the most beautiful house and had since become the scene of antisocial behaviour.

She asked, as the discretionary funding would not cover it, was there any scheme which funding could fall under.

Cllr John Joe Fennelly said that a case could be made to the department on the matter.