Portlaoise man convicted of having drugs and a knife back in custody after breaching bail

Portlaoise man broke curfew and was with known drug user

Portlaoise man convicted of having drugs and a knife back in custody after breaching bail

A Portlaoise man convicted of having drugs and a knife on his person has been taken into custody after breaching the strict conditions of his bail on a number of occasions.

Before last week’s district court was David Condon (26), Mountain View Square, Portlaoise, who is awaiting an appeal in the circuit court against a prison sentence imposed on September 22.

The sentence, six months with the last two suspended, was imposed for having a knife and cannabis, obstructing the gardaí, and abusive behaviour, at Knockmay, Portlaoise, on August 5.

After paying recognisance for an appeal, Condon was previously released on bail, with conditions that he was to observe a curfew, and not associate with known drug users.

Last week, Detective Garda Michael O’Donovan said that the accused had breached this bail on four occasions.

Det O’Donovan gave evidence that he had called to the accused’s house at 11.50pm on the night of September 24 and the accused’s mother informed him that her son was not there. She said he had fallen asleep on the train and missed his stop.

Defence for the accused, Mr Declan Breen said that his client had been visiting his girlfriend in Dublin and had fallen asleep on the train, ending up in Galway.

Det O’Donovan replied that he would not accept this claim.

Further State’s evidence was given by Garda Duffy, who said that on November 14, the accused came into Portlaoise Garda Station with a named individual who is a known drug user.

Mr Breen put it to the garda that the named individual had last been before the courts around four years ago, to which Garda Duffy replied that this was correct, but the gardaí were currently investigating an incident against the individual.

Further evidence was given by Detective Garda John Paul O’Brien, who said that he called to the accused’s house on November 15 at 10.20pm and the accused’s father said the accused wasn’t home and wouldn’t be returning that night.

Mr Breen said that Condon missed his train and arrived in Portlaoise around 11pm.

Det O’Brien replied that he could not confirm defence’s claim.

Judge Catherine Staines determined that the accused had not been home on the two dates given, but allowed the accused to give evidence regarding Garda Duffy’s evidence.

Condon took the stand to say that the named individual was a childhood friend of his. In response to questioning from the State, he said that the individual used to use drugs, but he was not currently using them.

In ruling, Judge Staines said she had granted the accused bail for his appeal with strict conditions and he had breached that bail. The judge revoked the bail on Condon.

Judge Staines asked was he still using drugs and the accused replied he wasn’t, but Det O’Donovan said he had searched the accused the previous night and discovered needle marks on his legs from using heroin.