Fianna Fáil Laois TD sits on the fence over Bertie Ahern's return to party

Sean Fleming declines to back or reject Bertie's return to the fold

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Express Reporter


Sean Fleming

Sean Fleming TD

Laois TD Sean Fleming has declined to rule out a return to Fianna Fáil of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern but he has not supported his return either.

Asked on the Vincent Browne show on TV3 if he would welcome Mr Ahern back Deputy Fleming said initially that it was a "hypothetical question" but that he would welcome "most people" into the party though he would be "very suspicous" if Vincent Browne wanted to join.

Asked again Dep Fleming said if Mr Ahern chooses to apply "that would be looked at". He said "it would be up to Bertie" if he wished to apply.

Dep Fleming, a poll topper in Laois, said the former taoiseach "has retired" and that "he would not want to jepordise the outcome" if Mr Ahern did reapply for membership.

The former leader resigned from Fianna Fáil after he resigned as Taoiseach. His Cumann in Dublin Central recently voted for Mr Ahern to rejoin.