Laois & Offaly has second highest rate for burglary outside Dublin

Just 20 per cent of 1,000 burglaries

Express Reporter


Express Reporter


Laois and Offaly has the second highest rate of burglary outside Dublin with less than one in five crimes solved, according to the latest official figures.

Central Statistics Office figures show that there were 1,085 recorded burglary and related offence in the Laois / Offaly Garda Division in 2014. The newly released report also shows that there were more than 2,000 theft and related offences.

The burglary rate per 100,000 population was 711.6 making the two counties second to Co Louth on the border. All of the Dubin Garda Divisions were were well ahead the rest of the country.

A total of 216 burglaries were solved by the Gardaí in Laois Offaly - a success rate of just under 20%. The average sucess rate for the Eastern Region was 14.3%. Laois Offaly also compares well with 10% of the 1,430 burglaries in Kildare were solved.

There were 2,045 thefts and related offences recorded and 626 were solved - a rate of nearly 30%.

However, the numbers are falling. There were 976 burglaries in Laois Offaly last year and up to date figures show that there were nearly just over 400 burglaries recorded for the first half of 2016. There were 2,130 thefts in 2015 and 759 thefts for the first half of this year. Detection rates are not published for for these years until two years have elapsed. 

The number of crimes nationally recorded in 2014 in most Irish Crime Classification System (ICCS) groups had fallen compared with 2010, and half had fallen compared with 2013. 

However, burglary and related offences (+6%) and Group 08 theft and related offences (+1%).