The Year that was 2016 - Old Moore's Almanac

The Year that was 2016 - Old Moore's Almanac

A Look Back at the Predictions From the 2016 Edition Old Moore’s Almanac is 253 years old and has been a stocking-filler since its inception.

In 2016 the magazine's psychic predicted that 2016 was a year that would not be remembered fondly

Old Moore made some feel-good predictions and some not-so-feel-good predictions in 2016. Here are the favourites.

The most insightful prediction from the 2016 edition is the following:  “Unfortunately 2016 will be tumultuous; it’s not a year that will be remembered fondly.”

Among his 2016 predictions, Old Moore also said there would be transport terrorism, airport terrorism and that Turkey would have a wretched experience in 2016.

There were terrorist attacks in Brussels airport and on the city’s underground line. In France, a terrorist drove a truck into a crowd of people, killing 85, on Bastille Day. In June Atatürk Airport in Istanbul was attacked. Forty-five people were killed. Also in Turkey, Recep Erdoğan rose to power and has been busy killing off a free press, political opponents, and women’s rights.

In June, Omar Mateen killed 49 people inside a gay nightclub in Florida. In July, an 18-year-old German man of Iranian descent massacred nine teenagers in Munich. Then there was police killing civilians in America, civilians killing police; the mass bloodbaths of Syria and Iraq.

It wasn’t just terrorism that made 2016 a bad year. Zika was announced as a serious pandemic. There were record-hot temperatures across the world. Many beloved celebrities died, including Prince, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Alan Rickman among others. Yes indeed, 2016 sucked.

In 2016, Old Moore predicted two high profile plane crashes. In November, a chartered plane carrying a first-division Brazilian soccer team to an historic game slammed into a Colombian hillside, killing 76 of the 81 people aboard. But the tragedy didn’t stop there, giving people the feeling that 2016 was a haunting year for all. EgyptAir Flight 804 crashed into the eastern Mediterranean Sea after a series of sharp descending turns. All 56 passengers and 10 crew were killed.

Old Moore also said that there would be a problem with a plane in Singapore.Singapore Airlines Flight 368, a Boeing 777-300ER, suffered an engine fire at Singapore Changi Airport after returning due to a fuel leak. All 241 passengers and crew are unharmed.

He also predicted that there would be a problem with a plane on the ground. Flydubai Flight 981, crashed while landing at Rostov-on-Don, Russia, in poor weather. All 62 people on board were killed. The pilots fell victim to a form of disorientation called “somatogravic illusion.” More or less, they misjudged where the ground was.

Old Moore also said there would be a female pilot in the news in 2016. In November, a famous female Chinese fighter pilot known as the “Golden Peacock” was killed. Capt. Yu Xu, 30, died when her double-seater J-10 jet collided midair with another plane from the aerobatics team over Hebei province. Yu was China’s first female fighter pilot to fly a J-10 stealth fighter.

Old Moore also made these predictions: Centralised government is dying. The EU at risk of a breakup. Scotland and Northern Ireland will be in the Brexit spotlight. A “United Ireland” gets discussed again. Angry demonstrations in London.

So, that covers the Brexit!

So let’s get to the U.S. elections. Old Moore said, “Anti-establishment populist movements will shake up the political order: Right-wing fanatical governments rise globally.”

Old Moore said to us at the end of 2015 that “Hilary Clinton was the one to watch.” She certainly was, but she didn’t make it to the Whitehouse. We asked Old Moore about this after Trump was elected, and he said, “Watch this space. Trump will be bored very quickly with protocol and also he will have heart issues/ health issues and marriage jeopardy.”

Could a Clinton still make it to the Whitehouse? Old Moore is not saying no to this!

Still with the U.S., Old Moore also predicted that, “Obamacare is in danger of collapse.”Let’s see if trump destroys it….surely he will try his best.

And Old Moore predicted the passing of Fidel Castro, who led Cuba for nearly half a century as both prime minister and president.

Old Moore also said the following of 2016: “Many people who act like they are upstanding will be busted avoiding taxes, hiding money and being involved in corruption. It’s the fun kind of scandal where people get their comeuppance.”

The Panama Papers hit the news at the start of the year. They were leaked documents proving that politicians and celebrities have been using tax havens to avoid paying taxes in their own countries. But none of us are surprised. We are all fed up of this behaviour but know it won’t stop any time soon.

Old Moore also said that 2016 will also be remembered as “the year of protests worldwide, and one of cold war. Russia, China and the U.S. become a trio of antagonism and rattle sabres at each other. This year is crucial in maintaining peace.There will be a build-up of arms globally. It’s all about Russia in 2016.”

This year’s cold war between Russia and pretty much everyone else, was dubbed the “Cold war 2.0” and many newspapers carried the story of how Russia and the west reheated a historic struggle.

In the natural world, Old Moore predicted that, “A problem with coral makes global warming hard to deny.” 35 per cent of coral in central and northern parts of the Great Barrier Reef were killed off due to coral bleaching in 2016. The cause of this was warming oceans. And it wasn’t just the barrier reef that suffered. Reefs in Hawaii, Japan, Florida and the Caribbean were also affected.

In other depressing environmental predictions, Old Moore predicted that there would be a problem with melting Poles. By November of 2016, scientists declared that the Arctic is in ‘uncharted territory.’ Temperatures near the North Pole have risen above freezing in the latest sign of the “sudden” and “very serious” changes to the Earth’s climate. Five buoys near the pole had recorded temperatures between zero and 1.2C in November. Professor Peter Wadhams, head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group at Cambridge University, said such warmth in the Arctic at this time of year was once virtually unheard of. He believes the North Pole could be effectively ice-free within the next few years. This would be the first time the Arctic was free of ice for more than 100,000 years.

In the 2016 edition, Old Moore said that Bono’s life was in danger from a crash or a fire. U2 star Bono was caught up in the lorry attack in Nice, where he was dining in a restaurant near the Promenade des Anglais called La Petite Maison near the seafront. La Petite Maison is near where the cargo truck came to a halt after Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove through crowds, mowing down pedestrians.

As for the most upsetting topic of 2016, Old Moore predicted that the “Mass movement of people into Europe would continue. There would be outbreaks of violence in migrant populations, child abuse.” Hopefully 2017 will be a better year.

As for domestic predictions, Old Moore said, “Enda has a political crisis. Irish election gets global attention.” Yes it was a fine mess, with no government formed for a long time after the election. It made news all over the world.

Old Moore predicted a “Slight Earthquake for Ireland in 2016.” The earthquake in Italy, which killed 299 people, actually registered here in Ireland. Professor Chris Bean of the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies said the tremor was felt across Ireland. The first vibration felt in Ireland was picked up at the Institute’s Wexford station. “In the middle of the night last night we detected vibrations at all of our six stations around the island,” he said.

In happier news, Old Moore predicted the rise of the delivery drone, saying there would be, “Drone delivery experiments…drone delivery pizza!” For pizza lovers everywhere, this actually came true.  Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand began autonomous delivery of pizzas from Domino’s stores to select customer homes. This good news is what we all desperately needed. Phew!

Another happier prediction was that Elon Musk would make news for his space adventures. After a few explosions and landing disasters, Musk and his company SpaceX finally cracked a big space problem. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket came down for a successful landing on a robotic ship at sea on April 8, 2016. The epic rocket landing is a big step forward in humanity’s march out into the cosmos. The first-of-its-kind touchdown is an important milestone in SpaceX’s quest to develop completely reusable rockets, which Musk has said could revolutionise spaceflight by reducing launch costs by a factor of 100.

Old Moore also said that solar power would rise further, becoming cheap and reliable.Enter Elon Musk again. The billionaire entrepreneur showed off solar roof tiles that eliminate the need for traditional panels. And the biggest surprise of this invention coming from his solar company called SolarCity, is that these solar roof tiles are CHEAPER than conventional roof tiles. The man is a God.

Old Moore also predicted that Doctors would announce that we have the technology to have a baby in a lab rather than in the womb. In 2016, it was announced that now scientists have the technology to create life in a lab without the use of an actual uterus. While this will probably never happen, the technology exists, and the debate has already got people fired up.

In celebrity news, Old Moore predicted that several stars will be in the news for poor money management. The most famous has been that of Kanye’s finances. He announced on twitter that he was $53 million in debt thanks to poor business decisions. And he tweeted to Mark Zuckerberg to help a brother out with some cash flow. It might have occurred to him to use Facebook to publicly hit Zuckerberg up…In the 2015 edition of Old Moore’s Almanac; Old Moore predicted that Kanye would have mental health problemseventually. In November of 2016 Kanye was taken to hospital for a nervous breakdown.

In the 2016 edition, Old Moore predicted that someone famous would get kidnapped. On October 2, 2016, while attending Paris Fashion Week, Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in the apartment where she was staying. Five individuals, dressed as police officers, bound and gagged her, and kept her captive in the bathroom. The robbers eventually stole $10 million worth of jewellery.

In further celeb predictions, Old Moore said that an actor would die or be seriously injured on set. Dylan O’Brien, the star of the Maze Runner flicks was injured onset in 2016. The filming of the third Maze Runner has been cancelled indefinitely when it was discovered that his injuries were more severe than previously believed. He was nearly killed when a vehicular stunt went awry.

In earthquake predictions, Old Moore predicted an earthquake for New Zealand and one for Japan in 2016. New Zealand actually has suffered two earthquakes in quick succession in 2016, and Japan experienced a 6.9-magnitude earthquake off Japan’s Honshu Island in November.

In transport technology news, Old Moore predicted that, “Evacuated Tube Transport would get a revisit.” The Futuristic Hyperloop transport system moved closer to reality this year as new designs for a Dubai-to-Abu Dhabi link were revealed. The futuristic transport system would allow passengers to make the two-hour trip in 12 minutes. First envisioned by Elon Musk, the technology shoots passengers through tubes at up to 760mph. Enda, get on this for a link from Galway and Dublin.

In other great transport news, Old Moore predicted that “Driverless taxis will be available for the public to try in a restricted area.” The first driverless taxi hit the roads of Singapore in August, in a limited public trial taking place in a hi-tech business district. Developer nuTonomy invited a select group of people to download their ride-hailing app and ride for free in its “robo-taxi”, saying it hoped to get feedback ahead of a planned launch of the service in 2018.

In more space news, Old Moore predicted that Pluto would be the darling of the news columns. Space probe New Horizons performed a flyby study of the Pluto system in 2016, giving us some entirely enthralling images of the icy rock in one of the better moments of a crappy 2016.

In other space predictions, Old Moore said that in 2016 we would get “A mysterious message from outer space: we won’t solve it in 2016.” Aliens may indeed have sent a ‘strong message’ from deep in space, scientists claimed. A strong signal was detected. The message appears to have come from a nearby star, HD164595, in the constellation Hercules. That star is 95 light years away – relatively close at the scale of the universe – and almost exactly the same size as Earth. What’s more, that same star has at least one planet, HD164595b, which is roughly the size of Neptune and has a 40-day year. It’s this planet that has people excited, since it appears that it could have the right conditions for supporting life.

An interesting tech prediction that Old Moore made is that “Traditional TV would lose market share to internet-based entertainment.” In 2016 it seems that the best programmes being made streamed rather than aired. Streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon have lured TV watchers away from TV programming.

In weather predictions, Old Moore said there would be “Unusual weather in Rio for the Olympics.” Indeed, there was unusual weather patterns, with rain, high winds and downpours which were unexpected at that time of year. In other weather predictions, Old Moore also said there would be flooding in the U.K. In November, thanks to Storm Angus, winter storms battering England and Wales left a ferry stranded at sea, towns flooded and trains diverted.

In other weather-related predictions, Old Moore predicted that there would be newsworthy lightning strikes in 2016. More than 40 people were injured from lightning strikes in two separate incidents in Europe on the same weekend in 2016. Lighting hit a children’s birthday party in a Paris park, injuring at least 11 people. And 35 people were been taken to the hospital after lightning struck a children’s soccer match in western Germany. The 45-year-old referee suffered a cardiac arrest after being directly hit by lightning and had to be revived by onlookers and a doctor.

And we were all shocked by pictures after a severe storm in Norway killed an entire reindeer herd in a national park in an unprecedented event.

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