Court - Portlaoise man fell asleep in vacant house


Court - Portlaoise man fell asleep in vacant house

A Portlaoise man has had a prison sentence for trespassing suspended following a positive probation report at the local circuit court.

The case against Christian Lawless (21), 77 Rossvale, Mountmellick Road, Portlaoise, had been adjourned for one year, with Judge Keenan Johnson telling the accused if he stayed off drink and drugs and stayed out of trouble the court would give him an opportunity.

Lawless was appealing a five month prison sentence imposed in the district court.

Details of the offence are that the accused was found trespassing in a house in a highly intoxicated state.

The house was empty at the time as it was being redecorated.

Lawless had 11 previous convictions.

Defence, Mr Rory Hannify said his client had been part of a group who attended a concert on the previous night.

There was no break-in to the house as one of the group had a key, but he fully accepted that he shouldn’t have been there.

Mr Hannify said Lawless was extremely intoxicated on the night and fell asleep on the sofa.

The rest of the group left and he was the only person found on the premises.

When the case came before him in October, 2015, Judge Johnson adjourned the case for one year, and put the matter back to November 29, 2016, for an updated probation report.

When the case returned to court recently, Mr Hannify said there was a positive probation report on the accused.

Judge Johnson agreed that the report seemed to be satisfactory and the accused was engaging well with the services.

To assist and aid the accused’s rehabilitation, Judge Johnson said he would suspend the five-month sentence for 12 months, on condition the accused keep the peace, and continue to engage with treatment services.