Mountmellick road 'in bits' as trucks hit Mountrath path

Road works

Mountmellick road 'in bits' as trucks hit Mountrath path

A Mountmellick road is ‘in bits’ and is in urgent need of repairs.

Cllr Paddy Bracken has called on Laois County Council to carry out urgent repairs to the road between Acragar and Larkin’s Cross, Mountmellick.

The area engineer said there was no money at the end of 2016 but it would be considered for improvement this year. She acknowledged that the side of the road had “collapsed.”

“It’s a long road and it’s in bits - a desperate state.

“There were waterworks done there a few years back. It is a busy route,” he told the Borris-in-Ossory - Mountmellick Municipal District meeting.

Work will be carried out if there are funds and councillors agree.

Cllr Bracken also called for a drain to be piped and a road to be reinstated at the road at Drinagh Mountmellick. He was told that there was no money, but it could be considered this year.

Cllr Bracken said that the road should have been repaired using flood relief cash.

“That road is all subsided because of ongoing flooding,” he said.

Ms Cuddy said the council received two thirds of the flood relief funds applied for and “had to prioritise.”

However, she agreed that the road was not in a good state.

Meanwhile, an application will be made this year to get funds to repair a sunken footpath in Mountrath that has been damaged by parked lorries at a filling station.

Cllr James Kelly raised the issue of a footpath outside the Phelan and Latham at the Portlaoise Road, Mountrath. The Independent councillor said two other houses are affected.

He told the Borris-in-Ossory Mountmellick Municipal District meeting that trucks parked there because of the closeness to the filling station.

Ms Brenda Cuddy, Acting Area Engineer, agreed that the footpath had sunk and the best solution would be to raise it to stop the parking.

However, she said this was not an option because the houses are in a low lying area.

She told the meeting thatan application would be made in 2017 to carry out the repairs, subject to budget and councillor agreement.