Court - Portlaoise man threw beer keg through casino door


Court - Portlaoise man threw beer keg through casino door

A Portlaoise man who smashed the front door of the casino in Portlaoise with a beer keg, and who failed to comply with a court order on previous public order charges, has been given another chance to engage with the probation services and pay compensation.

Before the court was John Lawlor (27), 12 Clonroosk View, Portlaoise.

Inspector Ollie Baker gave evidence that on September 9 last, the accused was drunk and threw a beer keg at the door of Caesar’s casino in Portlaoise, causing the glass to shatter and break. €120 damage was caused.

Lawlor was also in court for the finalisation of matters previously dealt with by Judge Staines.

This related to drunkenly kicking a Portlaoise pub door on October 29 last, and abusing the staff of a fast food outlet on October 15.

When these matters were heard last November, the accused was told to pay €300 compensation and write and personally hand in a letter of apology to the staff.

The matter was also put back for a probation and community service report.

However, last week, solicitor, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick said her client had not attended with probation. Of the €300 compensation he was to have, the accused had €150 in court.

Judge Catherine Staines said that in relation to the damage at the casino, it was appalling behaviour.

Noting that he hadn’t engaged with probation on the previous matter, nor paid the full compensation, the judge told him to get some money that day and put the matter back to second calling.

When the case was recalled, Ms Fitzpatrick said her client had managed to raise another €70, meaning he had around €220 to offer.

The matter was put back to February 23, for a community service report and the balance of compensation.