New houses planned on busy Borris road

Objection lodged against an application to build 43 houses in Portlaoise

New houses planned on busy Borris road
By Lynda Kiernan @laoisnews

Planning permission is being sought to build 43 new houses beside the two secondary schools on the Borris Road in Portlaoise, on land zoned for educational use.

If permission is granted to Graham Developments by Laois County Council, the land must first be rezoned in a vote by councillors.

The development is in Borris Great, on what is locally known as 'Onion's Field'.

It would add to further traffic on an already busy road, where over 1800 students travel to school, and several hundred houses are already built.

The two storey detached houses are planned in a long curving row on what is a narrow hilly belt between the road and the railway line, exiting near the schools' boundary.

There is one submission on the application, by residents David and Phyllis Clegg who live beside the site and have several concerns.

They note that the land is zoned for institutional, recreational and educational use, not residential.

They object to house number 43 as “unacceptably close to our boundary”, saying it would overlook their property, and requesting that a boundary wall be built 2.5 meters tall.

The residents also request that the mature beech trees on their boundary be protected and unaffected.

“Our private water supply is severely threatened by this development,” the Cleggs add.

Submissions must be in by January 28, planning ref 16637. A decision is due from Laois County Council planners by February 18.