Pressure for beds in Portlaoise hospital shows now sign of easing

Trolly count remains high at at Portlaoise

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Express Reporter


Trolley watch

32 people waiting to get into hospital in Portlaoise

Pressure is showing no signs of easing at Portlaoise hospital where there are 32 ill people waiting for a bed in the hospital.

Irish Nursing and Midwives Organisations trolley watch report for Tuesday, January 17 also confirm that the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise has more people waiting than any other hospital in the Dublin Midland Hospital Group (DMHG).

The INMO survey shows that there are 25 patients in the Emergency Department (A&E/ED) and seven more people requiring hospital treatment were waiting for beds in the hospital's wards.

There are 29 patients waiting in Portlaoise's sister hospital, the Midlands Regional Hospital, Tullamore. More than half of the 113 patients waiting at DMHG hospitals were on trollies in Portlaoise and Tullamore.

Of the other hospitals in the group, Tallaght was the busiest with 23 patients waiting for beds. In total, there are 52 patients spread between Tallaght, St James' and Naas.

 The DMHG said extra resources are redirected to deal with increased activity when the hospital’s escalation policy is enacted. This policy kicks in when there are four patients on trollies. The hospital is deemed at full capacity when there are 11 patients waiting in A&E.

The group added that there has been investment.

“Considerable investment has been made at Portlaoise Hospital to improve safety and service delivery over the past number of years. These improvements were noted in the recent HIQA report. 

"Staff and management at Portlaoise Hospital remain committed to ensuring that patients receive the best and safest standards of care,” said the DMHG.

The INMO figures show that there are 527 patients waiting for beds nationally. There is significant pressure for beds in many hospitals outside Dublin.