Court - Convicted rapist made threats to kill female prison guard in Portlaoise

30-year-old man serving sentence for rape

Court - Convicted rapist made threats to kill female prison guard in Portlaoise

A female prison officer has been left devastated after a man serving a sentence for rape made threats to kill her.

Before last week’s district court was George Arundel (30), with an address at Mayfield, Cork.

Detective Garda Padraic Ryan gave evidence that the accused made threats to kill a female prison officer, at the Midlands Prison, on December 17, 2015.

The accused made admissions to the offence to the prison chaplain the next day, said Det Ryan.

Det Ryan said the prison officer was aware of the accused’s history and the incident had a devastating effect on her life. A longterm relationship fell apart and the woman had to take medication, he said.

“She’s in fear of this man,” said Det Ryan.

The accused had 33 previous convictions, including false imprisonment, rape, and sexual assault. He also had a previous conviction for making threats to kill.

He is serving a ten-year sentence, for rape and false imprisonment.

Defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick said that hearing his previous convictions was a huge shame to the accused.

She said the accused had anger issues and was seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist while in custody.

He has been an alcoholic since he was nine and spent time in care.

She said the accused wished to offer a sincere apology to the prison officer, and he had been used banned substances at the time and was very agitated.

Ms Fitzpatrick said that the prison officer is still working, but not in the same prison.

Judge John King said it was a terrible thing which had destroyed the prison officer’s life.

The judge said given the nature of the offence it would normally warrant a custodial sentence, but he said he would wait for a psychiatric evaluation of the accused.

The matter was put back to this Thursday, February 9.