Tragedy as man dies in work accident on farm

Health & Safety Authority investigating Birr death

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Health and Safety Authority inspection campaign in March to focus on livestock safety

A farmer has died following a farming accident at Fivealley, near Birr, Co. Offaly, this morning, the Health and Safety authority have confirmed.

The man in his 70s was killed when he was struck by a tractor on his farm this morning, March 15.

"We are investigating a fatal farm accident that occurred around 8am this morning," the HSA confirmed. "We are sending inspectors to the scene and an investigation will begin immediately," they added. 

The HSA says the fatality rate in agriculture is far higher than any other economic sector.  A large proportion of all fatal workplace accidents occur in agriculture, even though a small proportion of the workforce is employed in farming.

The watchdog says the level of farm accidents is not decreasing. Similar accidents occur each year. Research indicates that, in general, farmers’ attitudes to safety only change after serious injury occurs.

The age profile of those killed is of serious concern. The old and the young are exceptionally vulnerable to death and injury on Irish farms.

Embrace, a group founded in Laois, campaigns to promote farm safety.