Man smashed door to save daughter from sword threat


Man smashed door to save daughter from sword threat

A man who smashed the door of an apartment block after his daughter was allegedly threatened with a sword by her boyfriend has been given the probation act, having paid compensation over four years after the offence.

Thomas Mahon, 20 Rivervalley Grove, Swords, Dublin, was convicted back in June, 2015, of criminal damage at Old Mill, Portlaoise, on December 7, 2012.

At the court in 2015, Inspector Aidan Farrelly gave evidence that Mahon was fearful his daughter was in trouble when he damaged the door, causing €1,000 damage.

Defence, Mr Philip Meagher said that on the day the partner of the accused’s daughter rang Mrs Mahon and said he had a sword, threatening violence towards her daughter.

Judge Catherine Staines ordered Mahon to pay €1,000 and the matter was subsequently adjourned on a number of occasions.

At last week’s court, the accused paid €800, having previously paid €200.

Judge Staines applied the probation act.