Tidy Towns compeititon for communities to save water

Tidy Towns compeititon for communities to save water

Irish Water has advised Tidy Towns Committees in Laois to enter the 2017 Irish Water Tidy Towns Value Water Awards.

These awards aim recognise communities that have made a strong commitment to water conservation and water protection.

The national water utility is offering a prize fund of €10,000 for the winners of the Awards which include a national prize of €2,000, four regional prizes for Best Large Town winner of €1,000 and four regional prizes for Best Small Town Winner of €1,000.

Included amongst the winners of last year’s awards was Abbeyleix Tidy Towns .

Abbeyleix is actively involved in the Green Schools water programme and pursues best water conservation practice through education at local schools and are planning a water usage information day.

Laois County Council installed a telemetry system that can remotely monitor the water usage and is used by the community to identify leaks and manage water consumption.

The Abbeyleix water and sewerage systems were updated in 2014.

A water harvesting system was installed by Tidy Towns Committee in the local allotments in 2015 to provide a free and sustainable source of water from a nearby stream.

In the community garden, a large recycled water tank was installed to harvest rainwater for watering the pants in the garden.

The closing date for entries into this year’s awards is Thursday, 25 May and entry forms can be downloaded from ‘The Competition’ section of www.tidytowns.ie

For more information visit https://www.water.ie/community/community-sponsorships/tidy-towns/