Ecstasy tablets found on Rosenallis man


Ecstasy tablets found on Rosenallis man

A Rosenallis man caught by gardaí with an assortment of drugs has been directed to complete a course educating him on the dangers of drug use.

Before last week’s sitting of the district court was Jack Delaney (28), with an address at Ballyhuppahaun, Rosenallis.

Inspector Ollie Baker gave evidence that the accused was searched at Bracklone Street, Portarlington, on February 18, and the gardaí discovered 14 ecstasy tablets, two Xanax, and nine other tablets.

Insp Baker said the accused had previous convictions from England, but none for drugs.

Defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick said her client had been born in Dublin, but is now living in Rosenallis in Laois.

Ms Fitzpatrick said that the accused had been using ecstasy socially.

On the night, the accused had an argument with a friend and the gardaí were called to the area.

The gardaí met the accused and the drug search was carried out.

Judge Catherine Staines directed the accused to complete the Athy Alternative Project for his drug use and the matter was put back to July 6.

The judge told the accused if he completed the course, he wouldn’t have anything to worry about.