Forged prescription for diazepam


Forged prescription for diazepam

A Portlaoise man prescribed a drug for back pain altered the prescription to get ten times the amount at a local pharmacy.

Mark Blake (40), 99 Laurel Drive, Portlaoise, faced three charges at last week’s district court in relation to forging a prescription.

Inspector Eamon Curley gave evidence that on December 29 last, the accused produced a prescription at the Laois Pharmacy, Lyster Square, Portlaoise. The pharmacist became suspicious of the prescription and rang the clinic to check, discovering that the prescription was meant to be for 2mg of diazepam but had been changed to read 20mg.

The accused admitted to the gardaí that he had altered the prescription.

Blake had 38 previous convictions, including 19 for road traffic matters, five for drugs, four public order, two criminal damage, four thefts and one assault.

Defence, Mr Declan Breen admitted his client’s history was not good.

The accused had been prescribed valium for back pain, but altered the prescription to read 20mg, sadi Mr Breen.

Defence said that Blake had a history of drug dependency, being addicted to Xanax from 2000 onwards and then a serious addiction to heroin and cocaine.

He was in a very bad place from 2000 to 2004, then he did something about it and completed a detox.

In relation to the recent offence, Mr Breen said that Blake had suffered a slip and regressed back to using valium for a stress related issue and then developed an addiction to prescribed drugs.

He has now turned himself around again, said Mr Breen, and is doing a course in Carlow IT.

Judge Catherine Staines said that altering a prescription was a very serious matter and the accused wasn’t showing a very good example.

The matter was adjourned to July 6 for a probation report.