'Confrontational' Portarlington woman arrested after refusing ambulance

Roaring and shouting when ambulance was called

'Confrontational' Portarlington woman arrested after refusing ambulance

A Portarlington woman has been given a suspended sentence for behaving in a drunkenly aggressive manner after gardaí and ambulance staff were called to a disturbance in which she received a head injury.

At last week’s sitting of Portlaoise District Court, Angela O’Donovan (51), Crowe Lane, Portarlington, was charged with being intoxicated, threatening or abusive behaviour, and failure to comply with the gardaí.

Inspector Eamon Curley gave evidence that on February 6/7, there was a report of a man and a woman in a house at French Church Street, Portarlington in a highly intoxicated state.

Both had injuries and there seemed to have been a dispute, so an ambulance was called.

While awaiting the ambulance, the accused acted in a confrontational manner and was aggressive toward other people in the house.

Outside the house, the accused began roaring and shouting at another woman, and continued acting in a confrontational manner.

O’Donovan had 18 previous convictions, the majority for public order offences.

Defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick said her client’s husband had been the victim of a serious assault and since then the accused has been on antidepressants and reliant on drink.

The accused was visiting a house on the night and an issue arose, said defence. When the gardaí arrived she wanted to leave, but as there was a mark on her head the gardaí told her to wait for the ambulance.

The accused felt she was the only one present who was being reprimanded, and when the ambulance arrived she refused to go with the medical staff as she wanted to make sure others in the house were also being reprimanded by the gardaí.

She no longer associates with those people, said Ms Fitzpatrick.

Judge Catherine Staines said she had every sympathy for the accused, but if she continued to cause difficulty for the public and the gardaí she could go to prison.

Judge Staines imposed a three-month sentence, suspended for one year.

“If you come before me again I’m going to have to send you to prison,” the judge warned her.