Comment: Mountrath reclaims its future

Comment: Mountrath reclaims its future

The Mountrath Community Forum can take some pride in the work they are undertaking and have planned for the town.

They have come up with a credible vision for this once thriving market town, which is framing their efforts to rejuvenate it.

Among their plans are a monthly outdoor cottage market, and an enterprise hub at an old garage.

To date they have been impressive in the groundwork thay have done, including a range of activities for the old Macra hall in the town, as well as the creation of a new cycling club, a new Foroige club and a Men's Shed.

One of the central planks of the Forum's strategy are their plans for the Brigidine Convent site, which has lain dormant since it was closed in 2008.

Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the town will be familiar with this landmark property.

The Forum hopes to purchase the site which offers much potential due to its size and the facilities it contains.

The Community Forum sees it as a social inclusion community hub, which would be the centrepiece of recreational life in the community.

If this can be achieved it would be an extremely beneficial outcome for the town and community.

It would also be an example of a community coming together to improve its town and surroundings.

In this respect the efforts of Mountrath Community Forum are laudable.

Here we have a dedicated group of local people giving of their own time and resources.

This is coming from the ground up, and the value of this can't be underestimated.

They are no longer willing to tolerate a situation in which the town languishes, and everyone sits on the fence whilst it does.

Instead, they have had the courage and determination to form a new vision for the town, one which plays to its many strengths.

Of course they are not unique in this. There are many examples of similar initiatives in other towns and villages.

Nevertheless, it is heartening to see a community taking action to address the issues it is facing.

Like many places, Mountrath has suffered in recent years.

The Forum is giving it a chance to shape its own future once again. The fightback is on.