Cannabis as pain relief for prisoner


Cannabis as pain relief for prisoner

A 31-year-man told the district court that he tried to smuggle cannabis into the Midlands Prison to help alleviate the pain his brother was experiencing from a road traffic accident.

Peter Harty (31), St Mary’s Terrace, Askeaton, Limerick, was charged with three offences, including supplying drugs into a place of detention, and drug possession, at the Midlands Prison.

Inspector Jer Glavin gave evidence that on May 19, 2016, the accused was detected passing unauthorised items to a person in the prison.

Seized from the accused was cannabis resin, valued at €30, and €50 in cash.

He had 16 previous convictions, including drugs offences.

Defence, Mr Philip Meagher said the accused had been visiting his brother in prison. The brother had been involved in a road traffic accident before being sentenced, which required him to have metal pins fitted.

The brother was in pain, said Mr Meagher, and asked the accused to bring in the cannabis.

Regarding the money, defence said this was for the tuck shop, but admitted that the accused should have lodged it properly.

Convicting and fining the accused €200, Judge Catherine Staines warned him: “If you come before the court again you will get a prison sentence.”