Grandmother brought cannabis into prison


Grandmother brought cannabis into prison

A 53-year-old grandmother “should have known better” than to try to bring drugs into the local prison.

So said the defence for Anne Mangan (53), Hempfield Close, Enniscorthy, Wexford, at last week’s court.

Inspector Jer Glavin gave evidence that on April 27 this year, the accused was detected at the Midlands Prison with 21g of cannabis, and around 90 tablets of diazepam.

She had no previous convictions.

Defence, Mr Barry Fitzgerald said his client, a widowed mother of four and grandmother of six, should have known better, but she was a vulnerable person.

Her son was in prison and she was approached by a group who put pressure on her to bring the drugs in. As she feared for her son’s safety, she agreed to do so.

Mr Fitzgerald said that his client had been petrified of her court appearance and had been getting cold feet the night before the court, but she had turned up to face the music. She wouldn’t trouble the court again, said defence.

Judge Staines convicted and fined the accused €200.