Mauritian woman falsely claimed father of child was Irish

False details

Mauritian woman falsely claimed father of child was Irish

A Mauritian national falsely claimed that the father of her child was an Irish man in order to remain in Ireland, the district court heard.

Tanuja Dookhy (36), Beechfield, Mountmellick Road, Portlaoise, was charged with giving false information to the Civil Registration Office in Portlaoise.

Inspector Maria Conway said that in November, 2010, the accused, a Mauritian national, registered the birth of her baby, with herself and a male accompanying her both signing a document to say she wasn’t married.

The male, a Mr Flanagan, subsequently began to believe that he was not the father of the child.

Insp Conway told the court that the accused also had a Mauritian husband. The accused had registered Mr Flanagan as the father, because it allowed her stay in Ireland as the mother of an Irish child.

Defence for the accused said that the case had previously been adjourned for a DNA test on the child.

Defence said that the accused had submitted herself for the test, but the evidence of the test was not in court.

Defence also handed into the court a number of references and letters on the accused’s behalf.

After reading the documents, Judge Catherine Staines convicted and fined the accused €40.