Botched surgery results in large compensation for Portlaoise woman





Court case

The Midland Regional Hospital, Portlaoise

HSE and retired obstetrician Dr John Corristine sued over 2002 routine diagnostic that went badly wrong at the Midlands Regional Hospital

A Portlaoise woman has been awarded €855,000 as a result of the damage done during a botched routine hospital day procedure.

Gina Van Amersfoorth, (50), Grenville, Portlaoise, lost eight pints of blood and was left with pain and suffering for the rest of her life as a result of the botched the laparoscopy in 2002.

Apart from the blood loss, Ms Van Amersfoorth required ventilation and life support for two days afterwards. 

The woman was a patient of the now retired Dr John Corristine, consultant obstetrician at the Midland Regional Hospital, Portlaoise for a diagnostic procedure on June 4, 2002. 

During the operation an instrument called a trocar, was inserted in to her abdomen. However, significant bleeding resulted from a major blood vessel caused by the instrument.

Presiding, judge Mr Justice Kevin Cross found that the Dr John Corristine, had torn a main artery and punctured a vein and that a vascular surgeon was required. It was also alleged that the equipment was not checked.

The doctor and HSE admitted responsibility but disputed that the long term pain was a result. However, the judge rejected this finding that her pain was serious and significant and caused from the procedure.

While no catastrophic damage was found, the judge awarded a total of €855,793 in damages to Ms Van Amersfoorth.