LAOIS LINGO - Things to say to help you through the heatwave

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Express Reporter


LAOIS LINGO - Things to say to help you through the heatwave

It's cruel warm

After a week of 20+ degree weather, it's fair to say we're entering survival mode now as we try to ride out this heatwave and welcome the blissful return of rain and wind.

To help you along, here's a few key phrases to get across how much you're struggling in the heat.

- It's cruel warm

- Ah lads, I'm like a dead dog

- It's great weather for hanging out clothes/There's great drying in that weather

- God I tell ya, I'm sweating like a bullock

- I'm not able for this heat at all

- We may get the turf turned before it breaks

- I can't sleep in this weather, it's like I'm glued to the bloody mattress

- A woman fainted in mass with the heat

- A drop of rain would do no harm

- You'd nearly want to be showering every day in this heat

- They're giving it fine for the week

- Go down to the shop there and get a block of ice cream. And don't forget the feckin wafers this time

- Jazus you're after getting scalded

- I don't need suncream, I'm sallow

- Tea is the only thing for this heat

- I always burn first, then I go brown

- Jaze you're after getting a great colour

- You can't please some people, sure you'd be giving out if it was raining

- Sure why would you want to go on holiday when the sun's shining here?

- I think he has a touch of sunstroke, give him a drop of 7 Up, he'll be grand in a minute

- We could do with a bit of a breeze

- Put on a hat!

- That's the summer gone now