Comment: A full in-tray for revamped cabinet

Comment: A full in-tray for revamped cabinet

The new Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar represents a generational change in Irish politics.

The verdict is very much out, however, as to whether he represents real change on other levels, or just a continuation or variation of the same.

In fairness this is only a few days into a new administration, but the furore over the manner of the appointment of the former Attorney General to the second highest court in the land does not necessarily bode well.

As the time of writing the President had signed off on the appointment, and it looks likely to go ahead.

Of course it may all blow over, and other more pressing issues are sure to make their presence felt.

And the Government's intray is pretty full by any measure.

Look at housing. One of the few new Ministers appointed, Eoghan Murphy now takes the reins over an issue which is affecting thousands of people across the country.

In Laois alone, up to 1,300 people are on the waiting list, and what is being done seems to be piecemeal.

Our complex history with housing looks all set to continue, but whether this Government can produce real and tangible solutions is the question.

And looming large over everything is Brexit, the ramifications of which are unclear, but which has created an uncertain and uneasy environment.

On a local level the Department of Justice is now been helmed by Charles Flanagan. He follows in the footsteps of Kevin O'Higgins in the 1920s.

The challenges here are all too apparent, given the myriad of issues that have surfaced over the past few years, the situation at the Garda training college in Templemore been the most recent.

However, one suspects that what most concerns people is the level of crime which the community is now subject to.

This is evident week after week in both urban and rural areas.

The volume of crime appears to be increasing, as well as its intensity, and this is taking the form of more violent and sinister incidents.

Tackling this is a huge priority for most people, because many are of the opinion it has got out of hand and it could affect anyone.

Success in doing this would be a very welcome development.