Smuggle drugs or have house burned - woman threatened


A 26-year-old woman has claimed a Limerick gang threatened to burn her house down unless she agreed to bring drugs and a phone into the Midlands Prison.

Before last week’s court was Keighley Hogan (26), with an address in Limerick.

Inspector Jer Glavin gave evidence that on May 20 this year, the accused was searched at the Midlands Prison and found to have concealed on her person 13g of cannabis herb valued at €260, diazepam tablets valued at €90, and a mobile phone and SIM card.

The accused had no previous convictions.

Defence, Mr Barry Fitzgerald said his client was put under pressure by a Limerick gang to bring the items in, having been threatened that her house would be burnt down if she didn't cooperate.

The accused herself told the court that she had been visiting her boyfriend in jail and was supposed to leave the drugs in a garden.

The accused was convicted and fined €200.

This was one of two separates cases before last week’s court, in which Limerick women claimed they had been forced by gangs to bring drugs into the jail. (See small story to the right).