Spat on garda, urinated on floor and threw food around cell


Spat on garda, urinated on floor and threw food around cell

A Laois man arrested for causing a disturbance in an Indian restaurant abused the gardaí and damaged his jail cell by urinating on the floor and throwing food around.

Before last week’s sitting of Portlaoise District Court was Carl Fox.

Inspector Eamonn Curley gave evidence that on July 17 last year, at Main Street, Portlaoise, the gardaí were called to attend the Mayur Restaurant in Portlaoise as there was a male refusing to leave the premises.

The male, Carl Fox knocked over flowerpots and refused to leave, so he was arrested, but as he was being escorted to the garda van he repeatedly spat on a garda’s shirt.

He kept kicking the door of the van when put inside and when he brought to the garda station he urinated on the cell floor and threw his meal around the cell.

He had 16 previous convictions.

Defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick said her client, who is in his mid-20s, needed treatment, as he had an issue with drink and tablets.

She said the accused had come to gardaí attention again the previous Thursday.

“He overreacts when arrested,” she said. “When not drinking he’s not a bad man.”

Defence said the accused had a very fractious upbringing and suffers from depression and addiction issues, and until such time as he deals with these the court will likely encounter him again.

Ms Fitzpatrick said the accused had three children, all in care, and is going to be a father again.

Defence also said the accused had written a letter of apology to the gardaí for his actions.

Judge Catherine Staines told the accused he had a lot to live for and advised him to take some time to “dry out” from his alcohol problem.

Saying that assaulting a garda and causing criminal damage was just not acceptable, Judge Staines imposed six months in prison, with recognisance fixed in the event of an appeal.