Stolen bikes found dismantled and repainted in Portlaoise


The gardaí discovered a number of stolen bicycles at a house in Portlaoise which had been dismantled and repainted.

At last week’s district court, a police property act application was made by Detective Garda Brian Kennedy, who gave evidence that a quantity of stolen bicycles was seized by the gardaí at an address at Harpurs Lane in Portlaoise, in October, 2013.

The resident of the house, a Mr Dwane, provided the gardaí with a telephone number, but Det Kennedy said this number was not answered.

The detective said that there is no resident residing at the address now. Mr Dwane was supposed to be residing at Oakleaf Place, Portlaoise, but he is not there.

In April of this year, Mr Dwane provided a new address in Rosenallis, but Det Kennedy said that a notice sent by the gardaí to this address was returned and the current location of Mr Dwane was unknown.

Det Kennedy asked that the property seized go to the State.

Judge Catherine Staines asked could the bicycles be given to people who needed them, but Det Kennedy said that the bicycles were not fit for use as they had been dismantled with parts missing and some parts repainted.

Judge Staines granted the application for the property to go to the State.