Rathdowney woman attacked doctor with a garden tool


Rathdowney woman attacked doctor with a garden tool

A woman who attacked a doctor with a gardening tool has been given a suspended sentence as she has agreed to undergo treatment in the local psychiatric hospital.

Marian Moyna (62), with an address at Conoboro Road, Rathdowney, was charged with assault on June 16, 2016; and assault, and threatening or abusive behaviour, on July 10, 2015.

Inspector Eamonn Curley gave evidence that on July 10 that year, the accused assaulted a doctor.

The doctor had been doing some gardening and had a wheelbarrow with him containing gardening tools, and the accused grabbed one of the tools and attempted to strike him.

The doctor used a rake as a defensive implement and sustained no injuries.

Insp Curley gave further evidence that on a separate date, the accusedpunched a woman to the nose and threatened to kill her. The injured party was left with a red mark on her face.

Defence, Ms Louise Troy said that her client suffered with health issues and mental health issues.

She said that the accused was willing to go into St Fintan’s Hospital in Portlaoise for treatment.

Judge Catherine Staines said the accused had committed a very serious assault, but had since received care in the Central Mental Hospital.

The judge imposed a 12-month sentence, suspended for one year on condition the accused remain at St Fintan’s until medically discharged.