'Zombie' trespasser pays compensation


'Zombie' trespasser pays compensation

A Polish national described by the district court judge as being so drunk he was like a zombie has paid further compensation to a homeowner whose property he trespassed on.

Lukasz Libront (21), 14 Kilminchy Court, Portlaoise, first appeared before the court in March, where Inspector Eamonn Curley gave evidence that on January 26, at Aghnaharna Drive, Portlaoise, two males were found in the drivewaywith no reason to be there.

Judge Catherine Staines said the accused had drank so much he didn’t know where he was and was “wandering around like a zombie”.

The accused subsequently paid €280 of a total €500 compensation.

When the case returned to court last week, the accused handed in a further €120 of the €220 outstanding. The matter was put back to November 9, for the balance of compensation and an up to date probation report.