Portlaoise drink driver put off the road

Portlaoise drink driver put off the road

A Portlaoise man has been put off the road having been convicted of drink driving.

Roger McEvoy (58), Borris Little, Portlaoise, was charged with drink driving, at the Borris Road, on December 26, 2017.

Inspector Maria Conway gave evidence that the accused was detected driving with 60mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath.

The accused had no previous convictions.

Defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick said her client had not intended to drive, but his friend required help and the accused drove a short distance to lend assistance.

Defence requested that any driving disqualification be postponed.

Judge Catherine Staines convicted and fined the accused €300 and disqualified him from driving for two years, with the disqualification postponed until August.