New houses to be built on the Borris Road in Portlaoise

Council grant permission despite objections from nearby residents

New houses to be built on the Borris Road in Portlaoise
By Ryan Dunne @laoisnews

Laois County Council has given the greenlight to a planning application for an eight-house development on the Borris Road in Portlaoise, despite numerous objections from nearby residents.

The council has granted permission, subject to 18 conditions, to the Independent Trustee Co. Ltd. & Mr Jim Douglas to construct an eight-unit housing development at the Borris Great.

The developer plans to build six two-storey semi-detached houses, one two-storey detached house with a garage and one one-storey detached house with a garage.

The development also includes for the retention of a temporary mobile home for the duration of the construction works, the retention of a boundary wall constructed along the western boundary of the site and retention of an extension to an existing garage.

The development will be accessed from the existing public roadway to the north which connects onto the Borris Road and will also include estate roads, footpaths, public open space, drainage, landscaping and all associated infrastructure works.

However, during the planning process Laois County Hall received a number of objections, with residents of the area claiming that the application will contravene the Portlaoise Local Area Plan due to the high density of housing.

Eoin Stephens and Gerti Oblonczek Stephens, Ashley Gardens, said they were worried that the new development would set a worrying precedent which could lead to insufficiently regulated infill and backland developments.

In a separate submission, Kevin and Christina Clear, Borris Great, who have been living in their home for the last 35 years, said the new development “will have a serious impact on our standard of living”.

They accused the developer of “cramming” in more houses and said that some of the proposed houses are not in keeping with the character of the existing bungalows.

Ger Smullen, Ashley Gardens, said: “Should this development go ahead as planned, then we still feel that we would have no choice but to leave the area.”

A further submission has been made by Mr Michael Hooban, Borris Great, who said that the proposed development does not conform to original planning guidelines.

And Julie Wells raised concern about her security being compromised and her home being devalued, as well the pressure on the sewer system and volumes of traffic greatly increasing.

In the wake of these objections, the developer was asked to provide further information to the council in support of their application.

After receiving this information, the council granted permission on March 22, subject to 18 conditions.