No solution to speeding at Portlaoise estate


No solution to speeding at Portlaoise estate

There is still no solution to the traffic problems at the Green Mill Lane and Ridge Road in Portlaoise, as whatever solution the council proposes would impact negatively on road users.

At the recent meeting of the Portlaoise Municipal District, Cllr Jerry Lodge proposed a motion calling for the installation of traffic calming measures at Green Mill Lane/Ridge Road in the interest primarily of pedestrians.

He was informed by Mr Farhan Nasiem, acting senior executive engineer, that the road design department has considered measures to improve the safety of pedestrians on Green Mill Lane for quite some time.

Any solutions the council has come up with would inconvenience at least some road users. One relatively simple measure would be to construct a footway along Green Mill Lane between its junctions with Ridge Road and the entrance to Triogue Manor housing estate, while permanently restricting vehicle movements on that segment to one direction only.

That solution would affect the flow of traffic within the town, and those effects have yet to be evaluated in depth.

Mr Nasiem said that the council would also be required to design an acceptable crossing at Ridge Road, given that the footway is found on only one side of that road.

After hearing the response, Cllr Lodge remarked: “We’ve discussed this over and over, it’s very difficult to get a solution.

“A small percentage of cars are speeding to get through the narrow area first, we should put some form of ramp there to warn motorists that there could be someone walking.”

Mr Nasiem replied that he would meet with Cllr Lodge on site to see what can be done.