Portlaoise assault with four-pronged implement

Portlaoise assault with four-pronged implement

Two women appeared before last week’s court charged with an incident in which another woman was attacked and injured with a four-pronged implement.

Mary Carthy (20), Castle Park, Athy, Kildare, was charged with two counts of assault, and Rebecca Harty (19), Ballygraigue, Court Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, was charged with one count of assault, at Hillview Drive, Portlaoise.

Inspector Maria Conway gave evidence that there was a set-to at the house where Mary Carthy allegedly assaulted two people in a dispute.

The inspector said that one injured party suffered scratch marks and cuts to her arm and cheek after being attacked with a four-pronged implement.

Another person tried to step in and was hit several times. Inspector Conway said that there was a rain of blows on one of the injured parties by both accused, with Rebecca Harty assisting Mary Carthy.

Mary Carthy had 19 previous convictions and Rebecca Harty had none.

Defence for both women, Ms Jacqueline McManus said that there was an argument over a boyfriend and the accused were very remorseful.

As Harty has no previous convictions, Ms McManus asked that her case be put back for a probation report.

Harty’s case was put back to July 5 for a probation report.

Regarding Mary Carthy, Judge Catherine Staines noted she had previous convictions.

The judge said it was a very serious assault to attack someone with an implement.

To this, Mary Carthy spoke up to say that she had not assaulted the woman.

Judge Staines told her that her solicitor had said a guilty plea was being entered.

The case was then put back to second calling.

When the case was recalled, Ms McManus said that Mary Carthy now wished to plead not guilty.

The matter was listed for November 20 next for hearing.