Portlaoise man with pants down was roaring in the street

38-year-old man caused disturbance at house with children in care

Portlaoise man with pants down was roaring in the street

A Portlaoise man with his pants down in the street who shouted drunken abuse at a house containing children in care has been given community service in lieu of prison.

Before last week’s district court was Peter McDonagh (38), Clonroosk View, Portlaoise, charged with threatening or abusive behaviour.

Sgt JJ Kirby gave evidence that at 2am on October 22, 2017, at Mountain View Square, Portlaoise, there was a report of the accused shouting and roaring, disturbing the neighbours in an intoxicated state with his pants down around his ankles.

He was arrested and when he was brought to the garda station he calmed down and was cooperative, said Sgt Kirby.

The accused had 26 previous convictions.

Defence, Mr Philip Meagher said the accused had a lot of drink at a family occasion where he overindulged. The incident happened as the accused had difficulties with one of the complainant’s sons, but this is now resolved, said defence.

“In an inebriated state he turned up at the property and used inappropriate language, but he did calm down,” said Mr Meagher, adding that the accused had apologised to the lady in question and written a letter of apology.

Judge Fiona Lydon read out the letter of apology to the injured party, who was present in court. In the letter, the accused said: “I will never do or say anything to her again, it will never happen again.”

To this the injured party, Ms Murphy told the court that she works for Tusla and has children in care.

She said her own son, aged 14, saw the accused on the night, but it could just as easily have been one of the children that she was taking care of.

“He was calling out my husband, calling him ‘a handicapped bastard’ and calling him out to fight,” said Ms Murphy, explaining that her husband has motor neurone disease.

She said the accused’s behaviour had been very inappropriate, but he did apologise to her on the day of court.

Mr Meagher said that the accused was heartfelt in his apology and his behaviour would not happen again.

Defence also handed in a letter on behalf of the accused written by the secretary of the Kilcullen Boxing Club commending the accused on his work with the club.

The accused was given 60 hours’ community service in lieu of two months in jail.