Portlaoise man drunkenly flashed gardaí

Portlaoise man drunkenly flashed gardaí

A Portlaoise man who claimed dropping his trousers and flashing the gardaí was just a bit of “tomfoolery” has been directed to make a donation to the Garda Benevolent Fund.

At last week's district court, Justin Greene (26), O’Moore Place, Portlaoise, was charged with being intoxicated, at O’Moore Place, on September 27, 2017.

Garda Kennedy gave evidence that the gardaí were in the estate at 8.10pm when the accused pulled down his trousers and flashed the gardaí.

He was highly intoxicated and there was a strong smell of alcohol from him, said Garda Kennedy.

He was arrested and a fixed penalty notice was issued, but it was not paid.

Judge Catherine Staines said if the accused had been charged with a section 6 public order offence he would be going to prison, as this was disgraceful behaviour.

The accused told the court he was sorry.

Defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick said the accused had been intoxicated and was indulging in tomfoolery with his peers, when he foolishly did this as a part of that tomfoolery.

Defence said the accused was not normally involved in this sort of behaviour and he should have paid the ticket, but forgot to.

“He spent a short time in the garda station and came to his senses,” said Ms Fitzpatrick.

Said Judge Staines: “The gardaí have a very difficult job and they demand our respect, this isn’t ‘tomfoolery’.”

The judge said she appreciated the accused was on a low income, but she wanted him to donate €100 to the Garda Benevolent Fund.

The matter was adjourned to July 12.