Portarlington woman fraudulently used friend's card

Portarlington woman fraudulently used friend's card

A Portarlington woman who used her friend’s bank card without permission to order close to €500 of groceries online, and also withdrew money from the friend’s Credit Union account, has been given until September to pay full compensation.

Jennifer Lacey, Park Avenue, Link Road, Portarlington, first appeared before the district court in January charged with a number of thefts, and a number of charges involving the use of a false signature to make gain.

The offences covered dates between October 2016 and March 2017.

State's evidence outlined that the accused made seven purchases for groceries online, using a friend’s card without permission.

The total loss was €485.25 and this had not been paid back.

The accused also entered Portarlington Credit Union and withdrew cash belonging to someone else to a value of €600.

She tried to withdraw more money on a later date, but the injured party noticed and the accused was arrested.

She had no previous convictions.

At the January court, Judge Catherine Staines put the matter back to June 7 for all the money to be paid back, saying she would deal with sentencing then.

When the case returned to court last week, defence, Mr Gerry Meagher said that the money owed to the credit union had now been reduced to €360, and of the money owed to the supermarket the accused had €200 in court.

The matter was put back to September 6 next, with Judge Flann Brennan telling the accused to endeavour to have final compensation then.