Summerhill issues 'going on and on' as Portlaoise councillor demands action

Estates: Portlaoise councillor calls for action

Ryan Dunne


Ryan Dunne

Summerhill issues 'going on and on' as Portlaoise councillor demands action

Summerhill estate is one of the most difficult estates in Portlaoise to get taken in charge, according to Cllr Catherine Fitzgerald, who has said she is embarrassed to face the residents as the problem has been going on for 15 years.

At the recent meeting of the Portlaoise Municipal District, Cllr Fitzgerald proposed a motion calling on Laois County Council to take in charge Summerhill, Broomville Court and Broomville Close.

She said she had been asking for Summerhill for the last 15 years and it was one of the most difficult estates to get taken in charge.

“It’s going on and on and on,” she said.

Cllr Fitzgerald said the councillors were told if the residents signed a letter the council would take the estate in charge, but even though the letter was signed four years ago it still hasn’t happened.

“I’m embarrassed going back in,” she said.

Concerning the other two estates, she said meetings have taken place and these areas need to be taken in charge.

In response to the motion, a written response came from Mr Pat Delaney, administrative officer with the planning department.

He said that concerning Summerhill, CCTV has been inspected. A few minor items need to be addressed prior to referring to water services for taking in charge. The council has made contact with the bond company in relation to this matter and are awaiting a response.

In relation to Broomville Court and Close, prices in accordance with proper procurements are currently being sought to progress this matter i.e. manholes need to be exposed to complete camera survey of the sewer lines.

Some of the CCTV survey has already been completed. It is hoped to carry out this work in the coming weeks, said Mr Delaney.