Two year road ban for hit and run in Mountmellick

Two year road ban for hit and run in Mountmellick

A 22-year-old man has been given the probation act and put off the road for two years for a hit and run incident.

At last week’s Portlaoise District Court, Bernard McDonagh, 22, Clonamore House Hotel, Tullamore, was charged with four counts of hit and run (failure to remain at the scene; failure to give information; failure to stop; and failure to report), driving with no licence or insurance, careless driving, and failure to produce documents, at Irishtown, Mountmellick, on November 27 last.

Sgt Jason Hughes gave evidence that on November 27 last year, the accused was involved in a traffic accident with another vehicle.

The first car was stopped and the accused drove into the back of him.

Very minimal damage was caused.

He stopped at the scene and exchanged information with the other driver, with both parties agreeing to go to another location to resolve the matter. However, the injured party failed to follow the accused and lost contact with him.

Sgt Hughes said that the accused had nine previous convictions.

Defence, Mr Philip Meagher said the accused told the injured party to follow him to the credit union, but when the accused got there expecting to see the other driver behind him the other man wasn’t there.

He said that details were exchanged and the accused had hoped that an exchange of money would be sufficient to deal with the matter, but the injured party stopped on route and wasn’t able to find him.

Mr Meagher said that the accident had happened on a day the accused was due in court on other matters.

He had missed his bus and got the loan of a car from someone who was staying in the same hostel, but became distracted as he was driving and there was a slight impact with the other vehicle.

Judge Staines applied the probation act, section 1.2, and disqualified the accused from driving for two years.