People fleeing Laois over threats from money lenders

People fleeing Laois over threats from money lenders

Local gardaí intend to make life difficult for illegal money lenders, who have so threatened the vulnerable that the council has had to help some people relocate from the county for fear of their lives.

At the recent meeting of the Joint Policing Committee meeting in Laois County Hall, where gardaí revealed the crime statistics for the last quarter of 2018, Cllr Caroline Dwane Stanley asked was anything being done to tackle illegal money lenders.

She said she knew of families who availed of their services before Christmas and someone who had borrowed €1,000 was having to pay back €2,000.

She said that some families haven’t food on the table and these money lenders are outside the post office collecting benefits cheques from them, with people being threatened and property damaged.

She said that in some cases the council has to help these people move out of the area as they fear for their lives.

Chief Superintendent John Scanlan informed her that there is a significant body of work ongoing on this matter, but he could not go into detail at this point.

“There are a lot of issues around money lending and it is our intention to make life quite difficult for these people,” he said.