State objects to Portarlington man getting his driving licence back

State objects to Portarlington man getting his driving licence back

A Portarlington man has been told to complete a restorative justice driving programme before he can have his driving licence restored.

Darrell Duffy, 42, of 18 St Joseph’s Terrace, Gracefield, Portarlington, last week applied to have his licence restored.

Sgt JJ Kirby said that the State had an objection, as the appellant had 26 previous convictions, including three for no insurance, two for dangerous driving, and one for making a false declaration to obtain a licence.

Mr Duffy said that the disqualification had a massive impact on his work as a painter and decorator. He said he had also got work as a machine driver and needed his licence for that.

Sgt Kirby put it to him that he had an appalling record.

Mr Duffy replied that he had gone through personal issues at the time of offending.

He said that he had battled a drug problem over the last couple of years, but he had now sorted this out.

Sgt Kirby pointed out that he also has drugs charges coming up before the court.

“I’ve 52 jobs applied for since January and I’ve finally got work,” said Mr Duffy, adding: “We all make mistakes.”

“You’ve made an awful lot of mistakes in your life,” said Sgt Kirby.

“I’ve sorted myself out,” replied the appellant.

Judge Catherine Staines directed the appellant to complete the restorative justice driving programme, saying it would be better for people to go out and drive properly on the roads.

She told the appellant if he completed the programme she would consider restoring his licence in July.