Ballybrittas woman's dog bit man on knee


Ballybrittas woman's dog bit man on knee

A woman whose dog ran out of an unsecured garden and bit a passerby has been given the benefit of the probation act.

Janet Fox, 57, of Jamestown Cross, Ballybrittas, was charged with an offence under the Control of Dogs Act.

Inspector Stephen O’Sullivan gave evidence that on a date in September last year, the injured party was walking past the accused’s house when a dog came out and attacked him, biting him on the knee and causing him to bleed.

The accused had one previous conviction and fully cooperated with the gardaí.

Defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick said that the accused always secured the garden gate, but on the day in question there was a delivery to the house and whoever made the delivery left the gate open.

Ms Fitzpatrick said the accused had since put up signs telling others to secure the gate and had also put up fencing.

The accused had written a letter of apology and had €200 compensation in court.

As the accused had pleaded guilty and would normally secure the dog, Judge Catherine Staines applied the probation act, section 1.1.