Portlaoise man given suspended sentence for no insurance


Portlaoise man given suspended sentence for no insurance

A Portlaoise man has been given a suspended sentence for his third conviction for driving with no insurance.

Patrick Murphy (36), 21 O’Moore Place, Portlaoise, was charged with having no insurance or driving licence, at Church Avenue, Portlaoise, on April 9 last.

Sgt JJ Kirby gave evidence that the accused had nine previous convictions, including driving without insurance and drink driving.

Judge Catherine Staines noted that the accused had been driving on this occasion in breach of two disqualifications.

Defence for the accused said that the accused’s partner had been driving on the day and she parked in an area where another vehicle came in behind her.

The accused tried to get the attention of the third party, but the driver was on the phone, so the accused decided to get into the car and drive it.

Defence said the accused had remained at the scene, to which Judge Staines asked had he caused an accident to. Defence replied he had.

Defence went on to say that the accused was not working now but he had been employed with the British Army for four years.

Defence said that the accused made a very foolish decision on the day, which could have potentially devastating consequences for his family.

As this was the accused’s third conviction for driving without insurance, Judge Staines imposed a six-month prison sentence but suspended this for one year. She disqualified him from driving for six years.

“If you get into a car before you get your licence back you will go to prison,” Judge Staines warned the accused.