Clonaslee man's dogs weren't kept under control


Clonaslee man's dogs weren't kept under control

A Clonaslee man charged with not exercising proper control over his dogs may be disqualified from keeping animals again.

Patrick Murray, 44, of Bellair, Clonaslee, was charged with offences under the Control of Dogs Act, at his home address, on September 16 last year.

Defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick said that the accused still had five puppies left, but these were going on Done Deal.

Judge Staines noted that the accused was not suitable for a restorative justice programme and said she would adjourn the case to allow the dogs to be properly housed.

The matter was adjourned to November 7 next, with Judge Staines asking the gardaí to have ready the legislation which would allow the court to disqualify the accused from keeping animals again.