Electric Picnickers' parents get garda call on drug supply charges

Judge Staines told gardaí to call the parents of young men before the court

court reporter


court reporter

Ongoing feud erupted in Portlaoise Courthouse

A number of people appearing before this week’s district court on drug supply charges from this year’s Electric Picnic had more trouble to face when they got home that evening, after Judge Catherine Staines directed the gardaí to contact their parents informing them of the offences.

Brian O’Mahony (22), Bennekerry, Carlow, was charged with two counts of drug possession, and two counts of having drugs for sale or supply, at Cosby Hall, on August 29, 2019.
Judge Staines asked him did his parents know about the offence, to which the accused replied that his mother knew.
Judge Staines asked the gardaí to contact the accused’s mother to verify this. The gardaí confirmed that the accused’s mother knew about the charge.
The accused paid €500 to the court poor box and the matter was struck out.
James Dowd (23), 169 Woodview, Castletown, Celbridge, Kildare, was charged with drug possession, and having drugs for sale or supply, on August 30 last.
Judge Staines asked was he willing to have his parents contacted and he replied he was.
When the case was recalled, defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick said that the accused’s mother already knew about it.
The accused paid €500 to the court poor box and the matter was struck out.
Eoin Bridgeman (18), 35 Chanel Avenue, Coolock, Dublin 5, was charged with three counts of drug possession, and one for sale or supply, at Cosby Hall, on August 29, 2019.
Defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick, said that the accused’s parents had not been aware of the offence, but they had found out when the gardaí called them.
Garda Ger Doolan said: “I spoke to his father and this man is in a bit of bother when he gets home.”
Ms Fitzpatrick said that on the day, the accused had been accommodating up to ten friends.
Judge Staines said it was shocking the amount of cocaine in society at the moment and asked had the accused stopped taking it.
Ms Fitzpatrick replied that he never took it, having been detected beforehand by the gardaí.
The accused paid €500 and the matter was struck out.
In general comments to all the accused, Judge Staines said that these are very serious drugs, particularly cocaine.
“It comes from South America where there are gangs who terrorise communities and families and destroy lives, then they sell it to criminal gangs in Ireland and you are part of that whole criminal process,” said Judge Staines.
The judge warned that if anyone came before the court again on similar charges they would not get the same chance again.