Meet the Laois-Offaly General Election Candidate: Pauline Flanagan - Fianna Fáil

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Meet the Laois-Offaly General Election Candidate: Pauline Flanagan - Fianna Fáil

Pauline Flanagan

Q: What do you think will be the main issues coming up on the doorsteps in Laois/Offaly?

A: I already know what the main issues are as I have been canvassing since November 2019. Portlaoise Hospital, Housing, Health, Loneliness, Public Transport

Q: What should be the key local local priorities for Laois-Offaly in the next Dail

A: Portlaoise Hospital is one of the key priorities. I believe that the report sitting on Minister Simon Harris’ desk for a number of years now needs to be torn up. Portlaoise is one of the fastest growing towns in Ireland and we need to fight any suggestion of a (further) downgrade. Other key priorities are again health related. I’m hearing at the doors that a lot of budgets have been cut at the level where it’s having an impact on our most vulnerable. Is this government actually having a laugh? There are millions of euro being pumped into the health system, but clearly it’s not at the right place

Q: Why should people vote for you?

A: I am a no-nonsense woman who knows how to cut through all the bull and just get things done. For example, I represented a local person last year who couldn’t get a back to education allowance. Every door I tried to knock on kept telling me that the person couldn’t get the funding. I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I wouldn’t let it go. I danced a jig around the room when that person told me they were off the dole and back to college.

Q: If you had the power to make one thing happen, locally or nationally, what would it be?

A: For everyone to have access to a proper health service - and that includes mental as well as physical health.

Q: Who will top the poll in the Laois-Offaly constituency?

A: I don’t care. I believe that the ego driven nonsense of topping the poll is not focusing on the people.