Laois Marlins excel at Leinster Short Course Swimming Championships

Express Sport Reporter


Express Sport Reporter




Laois Marlins Swim Club performed superbly at the Leinster Short Course Championships on 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November.

The 3 Day event takes place at the National Aquatic Centre each year. This Gala is open to all swimmers in the Leinster region who have achieved qualifying times.

The format of this type of Gala is that the heats of the various races are run throughout the day, with only the fastest 10 swimmers of each event making the final, with all the finals being held in the evening. 

There were 20 Marlins swimmers attending the 3 day Gala, 11 Girls and 9 Boys. These young athletes collectively took part in 103 swims, with a massive 56 personal bests between them.

The Girls were as follows: Nora Alastal, Amy Bergin, Lucy Brennan, Orla Colley, Toni Dolan, Sophie Igoe, Lena Tiernan Kaminska, Caoimhe Moore, Sadhbh Moore, Daniela Ryan, Jessica Zhigulskaya.

The Boys are as follows: Sean Donoghue, Kuba Krawczun, Conor Menendez, Scott Overton, Ignat Samuchov, Sean Scannell, Ben Wall, Velera Zaharovs and Sean Zou.

A special mention to Sean Scannell who was in the finals for all 5 races and came home with 3 medals - a silver and two bronze - and to Sean Donoghue who was just outside the medals in the finals of the 200-metre breast. Special thanks goes to the coaches for their hard work so far this season and everyone who was there in Dublin to cheer on Laois Marlins!

*Head coach Padraic Dolan, Jessica Zhigulskaya, Toni Dolan, Scott Overton, Nora Alastal, Sophie Igeo

*Lena Tiernan Kaminska, Amy Bergin, Daniela Ryan, Caoimhe Moore, Orla Colley, Lucy Brennan and Sadhbh Moore.

*Kuba Krawczun, Conor Menendez, Sean Zou, Sean Donoghue, Ben Wall, Lucy Brennan, Orla Colley, Caoimhe Moore, Head coach Padriac Dolan, Lena Tiernan Kaminska, Daniela Ryan, Ignat Samuchov, Amy Bergin and Sadhbh Moore.

*Kuba Krawczun, Ben Wall, Conor Menendez, Sean Zou, Ignat Scannell, Valera Zakhavov and Sean Donoghue.