Government sets out the roadmap for a return of sports post Covid-19 lockdown

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly

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A big question remains over when fans can turn out in such large numbers again

Sports organisations behind popular sports such as Gaelic games, rugby and soccer have a roadmap to return from Covid-19 lockdown in Ireland but they will face strict conditions and do not have a timeframe.

Phase 1 May 18

Open outdoor public sports amenities (e.g. pitches, tennis courts, golf courses etc) where social distancing can be maintained
 Permit people to engage in outdoor sporting and fitness activities, either individually or in very small groups (maximum 4 people), where social distancing can be maintained and where there is no contact.

Phase 2

 Permit people to engage in outdoor sporting and fitness activities, involving small group team sports training (but not matches) where social distancing can be maintained and where there is no contact.

Phase 3

 Permit “behind closed doors” sporting activities events where arrangements are in place to enable participants to maintain social distancing.

Phase 4

Permit sports team leagues (e.g. soccer and GAA) but only where limitations are placed on the numbers of spectators and where social distancing can be maintained.

 Open public swimming pools where effective cleaning can be carried out and social distancing can be maintained.

Phase 5

 Permit close physical contact sports (rugby, boxing, wrestling) 

 Open gyms, exercise, dance studios and sports clubs, only where regular and effective cleaning can be carried out and social distancing can be maintained.
 Permit sports spectatorship which involve mass gatherings only in accordance with both indoor and outdoor numbers restrictions and where social distancing can be complied with.

The Taoiseach has said Phase 5 could be reached by August 20 but this would depend on the control of the virus.