Bootcamp boost for Laois moms and daughters in lockdown

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter


Screenshot of some bootcamp participants

The Mom and Me Bootcamp was set up online by Laois Partnership this year for local mothers and daughters to participate in an online exercise in the midst of lockdown

The Bootcamp took place via zoom on Tuesday and Friday nights for four weeks in March. 

The exercises involved partner workouts in addition to using equipment that can be got around the house i.e. footballs, chairs and couches.

More than 67 participants signed up for the initiative which was aimed at increasing physical activity amongst women and developing more interaction and bonding amongst families.

Laois Sports Partnership Manager, Caroline Meyers, said the boot camp finished with great praise from participants.

“The bootcamp was great fun, thanks a million for everything”, was what one person said while another thanked the organisers and said "we really enjoyed it and will miss it”.

"You really pushed us,” said another while others are looking for it to continue.

Ms Meyers believed it was a success.

"The partner workouts really worked great and allowed parents/guardians and children to work as a team and to have a laugh while doing so. It was great to see a smile on participants faces. There was also a little competition along the way," she concluded.