What caused the #bestfromtheast and bitter March? Met Éireann got its forecast spot on

A Sudden Stratospheric Warning event in January 2013 led to a very cold month of March that year

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



Met Éireann says blast of cold weather with snow could last 'for weeks'

Snow on Portlaoise's Dublin Road in December 2017.

Met Éireann predicted the looming Siberian temperature crash and snow that gripped Ireland in the first week of Spring is a type of weather system that can last for weeks.

The forecaster warned in February on that such a so-called Sudden Stratospheric Warning' (SSW) event in January 2013 led to a very cold month of March that year with some significant snowfall.

There predictions ended up being spot on. March of 2018 ended up being worse with two snow events and bitterly cold weather for most days of the month.

The Met Éireann report for March 2013 said that almost all weather stations reported the coldest March since their station records began. Dublin Airport recorded the the lowest mean temperature for March since station records began in 1942. The lowest mean minimum temperature for the entire month at the airport was just above freezing. 

Met Éireann said in advance the type of system that is set to take hold could remain in place for several days or even weeks, causing the areas affected by them to have the same kind of weather for an extended period of time.

The forecaster tweeted in February that a SSW is a factor in the arrival of the Siberian weather which is already the subject of week long Yellow Weather warning.

More about SSW from Met Éireann below tweet