Met Éireann latest weather on RTÉ - 'polar air' forecast to 'dig in' over Ireland

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly

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Jeanne Byrne presents Met Éireann on RTÉ.

Met Éireann's latest weather forecast is predicting bitterly cold polar air to hit Ireland bringing snow and biting wind through Saturday night and Sunday to many places. 

In her forecast after the RTÉ news, Met Éireann meteorologist Jeanne Byrne said the wintery weather would last through Saturday night and Sunday.

"Over the next 36 hours we are going to have wintry showers some of hail or snow with icy slipperY conditions in places and also some scattered thunderstorms," she said.

The forecaster said rain would begin to arrive from the south of Ireland on Saturday night and will turn to sleet and snow through inland parts of Leinster and Munster. Temperatures are likely to fall close to freezing.

While the front will clear through the night another will follow from the north west hitting cold air as it does.

"Bitterly cold polar air will dig down across over Ireland...It will turn bitterly cold everywhere tomorrow with that polar air established over the country bringing frequent showers of hail, sleet and even snow. Some of them thundery as well," she said.

The forecaster would be a 'bitterly cold day' with a frequent mix of blustery winds with many wintry showers.

She said weather for the week ahead would be 'very disturbed'.

"It is going to be very windy most of the time and also very cold," she said.